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Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic medicines are natural, safe and effective. They boost our bodys natural mechanism and optimize it while keeping all are organs safe and healthy. They can be taken by very small babies, pregnant women, old people, challenged people.

Extensively used even for animals like dogs, cats, horses, cattle, crops , plants . Usage keeps our environment unpolluted and clean.

Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources like plants, animals, minerals and many more. Active ingredients are extracted carefully in accordance with the "Homeopathic Pharmocopia" of the country where it is sourced. There are varied conditions to be adhered to strictly inorder to get the best results. Hence storage is also important part.

Forms Of Homeopathic Medicines

Tincture/ Mother Tinctures : This is the basic form with active ingredients. Only few medicines like Arnica, Badiaga, Urtica urens, Pareira brava and others are used in mother tincture forms. Not all medicines are used in this form.

Liquid : The basic tinctures undergo potentization and range of dilutions are made. Potencies like 30, 200, 1m are made.The selection of potency depends on the pathology and the homeopaths study.

Pills/tabules/tablets: When the liquid is put on the pills by dropper the pills get medicated and can be dispensed to the patients. It is convenient and easy to give and take the homeopathic medicines this way. Pills should be placed on tongue as maximum absorption of homeopathic medicine happens on the tongue.

Creams/Ointments : More a modern day demand for external application for skin, spots, bruises etc. A temporary solution for acne, painful piles till the homeopathic medicines/remedy given by doctor works. Can be safely taken without homeopathy consulting doctor.

Storage Of Homeopathic Medicines: Since its natural with delicate configuration care should be taken for its storage. Most of them are stored in amber colour glass bottles. They should not be stored near other medicines(allopathy) or strong smelling liquids, perfumes etc.

Homeopathic medicines are effective even if they get old and having said all this I have to say that rarely have their power gone due to these factors.