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Medicines for kidney stone in homeopathy

There are effective medicines for kidney stones in homeopathy. The medicines act by two ways -promoting expulsion of stone and promoting breaking of stone. Both help in passing the stone out of body. The important medicinal content that do this are -berberis vulgaris, sarsaparilla, ocimum, solidago, pareira brava, senecio, lycopodium,thuja,dulcamara, cantharis. If the size of calculus is small -say 4mm, 5mm,6mm the above products or homeopathic medicines will easily help in removing/ passing the stone. Drinking adequate water, tender coconut water helps in flushing the kidney and removing stone. If the stone is bigger you need to consult an experienced homeopath or take a short treatment to help remove the stone. The location of the stone is also important along with size.

They occur in all age groups and nowadays also seen in children.


Kidney stone can occur in any age group especially in those who drink less water or are taking supplements for a long time. It shows stasis and sedimentation of particles that eventually forms stone. The most common symtoms are pain, blood in urine, burning urination,. The pain is felt in the back radiating to the front. The pain is very severe and occasionally accompanied with vomiting or distress. This type of pain means movement of the stone-if the stone is stationary there is only a dull ache. Broadly speaking the stone is located in calyx , ureter or bladder. If the stone is small it moves from calyx to ureter and bladder and thrown out of body while urinating. These movements of the stone causes pain. A small stone easily passes- a bigger stone often gets stuck and can remain for long.


A simple sonography can spot the kidney stone with the size fairly accurately. KUB is done for more details or if sonography is unclear.

Common types of stones

Calcium oxalate are the commonest stones. They are formed when the oxalates increase in the body. Natural calcium from food sources is better than calcium from supplements. Hence we need to decrase food sources rich in oxalates. Uric acid stones is a result of high uric acid levels in the body. High intake of purine rich food increases the levels of uric acid which increases the load on kidney to excrete. Higher excretion of uric acid reduces the ph of urine –making urine acidic. The helps form uric acid stones. Struvite stones are caused as a result of repeated urinary infections. Cystine stones are uncommon and generally runs in families.

What to do?

Drink plenty of water -till your urine is almost white or pale yellow. Increase intake of oranges, citrus fruits and juices. Eat healthy fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products. If you are getting recurrent stones take a proper homeopathic treatment.

What not to do?

Avoid foods rich in oxalates-spinach, sweet potatoe, rhubarb, beets,nuts, choclates.. Avoid intake of animal proteins, red meat, shell fish...

What not to do?

Homeopathy is effective in

  1. In acute pain when the stone moves-gives fast relief.
  2. In chronic state where there stone is there for 1-2months or more
  3. In recurrent state where stones are getting formed again and again-a proper homeopathic treatment would be required.
  4. Other underlying diseases like raised uric acid levels..
  5. Family history

Medicines for headaches in homeopathy

Headache is a common complaints among patients. There are many causes of headaches and treatment depends on the cause. It can be one-off complaint or a recuurent type lasting many years. There can be different types of headaches like dull ache, throbbing, hammering, morning headaches and accompanied by nausea, vomiting, acidity, cold etc.

Types of headaches:

There are two types of headaches

  1. Primary Headache: When the headache itself is a complaint it is called primary headache.
  2. Secondary Headaches: When another disease is the cause of headache it is called secondary headache. It is important because we need to find the cause and treat it -or the headache will not improve or get better.

Primary Headaches: The most common are

  1. Migraines : These are severe episodic headaches presented with excessive sensitivity to light , noise, odours, sun and person is forced to rest. Generally occurring over a period of months or years periodically. In a subtle way migraine are also a reflection of stress or conflict.
  2. Tension headache are difficult to diagnose unless there is an obvious stress zone. Vague pain which cannot be attributed to any other cause.

Secondary Headaches:

  1. Headache occurring after alcohol intake the night before, party , exertion, disturbed sleep,etc.
  2. Sinus congestion and infection due to cold , allergy.
  3. Blood pressure is a very important cause of headache esp in mornings
  4. Dental procedures gives radiated pain
  5. Other infections like meningitis will be accompanied by projectile vomiting
  6. Brain tumors give severe headaches generally in the mornings…


Headache is a clinical diagnosis. If sinus is the cause can do sinus Xrays, measure BP, do EEG for brain tumors etc Diet and guidelines Depending on your headache –take the steps. If BP is the cause eat less salt. If sinus-take steam regularly, drink plenty of water avoid cold food and sour/citrus fruits. If migraine avoid chocolates, cheese heavy fat food. If headaches are with acidity avoid fasting, spicy food.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Homeopathic medicines for headache are effective in the acute and severe state and give immediate relief. Long term treatment is given for migraine headaches. A full case-taking helps evaluate the stresses in life and their realistic resolutions. It should not take more than 6 weeks for good relief in complaints even if the headache is for several years. Acute Headaches due to sinus: Medicines like nux-v, pulsatilla, sambucus,ars-alb, allium cepa, silicea, calc-carb, etc Migraine headaches: Spigelia, Sanguinaria, Natrum mur, Iris, Bell,Bryonia, Glonoine, nux-v are few of the highly effective medicines Hypertensive headaches: Tub, Glonoine, Bell, constitutional medicines… Homeopathic products for headache are good alternatives to conventional pain killers. Mild forms of headache would respond well. If headaches are frequent , severe, over a long period of time then consult a experienced homeopath.

Medicines for Piles in homeopathy

Piles or hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anal region. Because of the limited area and congestion they pain and throb. They can be internal where you cant see them or 4th degree piles when they come out of the anus and you can feel them. Some may have bleeding some don't bleed just pain. They heal with a tag-like growth at anus-which can go away over a period of time.


  1. Chronic constipation: Too much straining at stool daily , hard stool , dry stool increases the congestion in the local area. The continued strain on the veins dilate them and they swell.
  2. Chronic diarrhea: Repeatedly passing stools irritate the veins causing congestion.
  3. Sitting for too long like drivers causes congestion and piles.
  4. Certain phases like pregnancy, old age or chronic coughs can precipitate piles.


Pain : the pain is excruciating , needle –like , raw, throbbing , congestive. It occurs more after passing stools, sitting, spicy food, etc. Bleeding: Though not too much blood is seen along with stool or passed in drops during or after stool. Generally it is painless bleeding. Anal congestion: Sometimes there is just congestion and throbbing in the anal region. Itching/ Soreness: There is itching due to piles, a soreness , discomfort, ache.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Homeopathic Creams / Ointment: For local application to relieve acute pain and distress. Homeopathic medicines for pain: there are many homeopathic medicines that can be given for acute pain like Aesculus, Acid nitrate, Belladona, aloe, sulphur, calcarea f. Homeopathic medicine for bleeding: Phos, Millifolium, Erigeron, TBP can stop bleeding piles with few doses. Homeopathic medicines for constipation: Nux-v, plumbum, lycopodium, graphitis, calcarea .

Medicines for Prostate Enlargement in homeopathy

When the normal prostate gland enlarges and gives rise to urine problems in men it is termed as benign enlargement of prostate. Most men suffer because of this.


  1. Aging is the cause in most men and it is said that most men will get it.
  2. Aging is the main cause and changing sex hormone patterns in men.


  1. Flow of urine decreases due to the swelling of the gland-hence the stream of urine is thin.
  2. Problem in starting to urinate-have to wait.
  3. Dribbling of urine after urination.
  4. Feeling that it is not fully evacuated.
  5. Repeated urine infection as there is residual urine collection in bladder.
  6. Bladder infections.


Most of the time clinical presentation with age of patient is enough to diagnose it. A sonography can be done to confirm the diagnosis and access the size of the enlarged gland.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Homeopathic treatment is given to reduce the size of the gland. If treatment is started early the increase in the size can be stopped completely and can reduce/ shrink the size of gland.Homeopathic products can reduce the symtoms fast and can be taken along with treatment. Homeopathic medicines like Thuja, Sabal serrulata, Conium,Pareira brava,Pulsatilla, clematis, chimaphila umbellate, are very useful homeopathic medicines that work on prostate gland. The above homeopathic products have all the useful homeopathic medicines for reducing the gland. It can be taken on its own. However if symtoms persists then a proper constitutional medicines should be started along with it for better results.




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