Homeopathic Treatment for piles

What is Hemorrhoids (Piles)?

Hemorrhoids are blood vessels located in the lower part of the rectum and around the anus which have become enlarged and swollen. Hemorrhoids very commonly occur in both men and women. Approximately, half the population is known to have hemorrhoids by age 50, and usually caused by increased pressure within the lower abdomen.

Causes of Piles

Some of the causes that are attributable or more likely to occur in people who have or do the following are listed below

  • Straining during stools
  • Chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Having a low-fiber diet
  • Types

  • Internal hemorrhoids which form in the lining of the anus and lower rectum. They are not sensitive to touch and rarely cause discomfort. However, too much straining when passing stools can cause it to bleed.
  • Occasionally, straining can push an internal hemorrhoid through the anal opening. This is known as a protruding or prolapsed hemorrhoid and can cause pain and irritation. Internal hemorrhoids are classified by their degree of prolapse, which helps determine its management.

  • Grade One: No prolapse
  • Grade Two: Prolapse that goes back in on its own
  • Grade Three: Prolapse that must be pushed back in by the patient
  • Grade Four: Prolapse that cannot be pushed back in by the patient (often very painful)
  • External hemorrhoids which form under the skin around the anus. When irritated, external hemorrhoids can itch or bleed.
  • Thrombosed hemorrhoidsBlood may form a thrombus (clot) in an external hemorrhoid resulting in a hard lump near the anus which is painful and inflammed.
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis of Piles

    Patients may experience symptoms caused by either internal or external hemorrhoids or both.

  • Noticeable small amounts of bright red blood during stools
  • Itching or irritation in anal region
  • Swelling around anus, may be sensitive or painful
  • The doctor may be able to diagnose external hemorrhoids simply by looking. For internal hemorrhoids, the doctor may perform examination of anal canal and rectum by digital examination and visual inspection with an anoscope, proctoscope or sigmoidoscope. To rule out other serious diseases such as anal and colorectal cancer, the doctor may want to examine your entire colon using colonoscopy.


    Complications of hemorrhoids are very rare but include:

  • Anemia: Rarely, chronic blood loss from hemorrhoids may cause anemia, in which you don't have enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to your cells.
  • Strangulated hemorrhoid: can be very painful as it arises If the blood supply to an internal hemorrhoid is cut off
  • Blood clots in an external hemorrhoid
  • Extra skin left behind when a blood clot in an external hemorrhoid dissolves, gives rises to skin tags
  • Infection of a sore on an external hemorrhoid
  • Homeopathy Treatment for Piles

    The following can be done for mild pain, swelling, and inflammation of hemorrhoids; and further to prevent the same

  • Eat high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains (20-35 grams of fiber per day in the diet). Dietary fiber helps softens the stool, making it easier to pass, and help to avoid the straining
  • Soak regularly in a warm bath or sitz bath
  • Apply ice packs or cold compresses on your anus to relieve swelling
  • Take oral pain relievers temporarily to help relieve your discomfort
  • Consume adequate fluid (preferably water) consumption, often considered 8-10 glasses daily.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol as it tend to be dehydrating
  • Topical creams and ointments
  • If the symptom persists even after medications and above listed measures, in case of persistent bleeding and painful piles, surgery can be considered as an option

  • Rubber band ligation is a procedure wherein a doctor places a rubber band around the base of an internal hemorrhoid to cut off its circulation. The banded part of the hemorrhoid shrivels and falls off within a week.
  • Sclerotherapy is a procedure wherein a doctor injects a chemical solution into an internal hemorrhoid, which causes scar tissue to form. This scar tissue then cuts off the blood supply and shrinks the hemorrhoid.
  • Electrocoagulation is a procedure wherein a doctor sends an electric current into the internal hemorrhoid, causing scar tissue to form; which cuts off the blood supply, often shrinking the hemorrhoid.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy is the most effective and complete way to treat severe or recurring hemorrhoids, large external hemorrhoids and prolapsing internal hemorrhoids that do not respond to other treatments. Complications may include temporary difficulty emptying your bladder and resulting urinary tract infections.
  • Hemorrhoid stapling is a procedure wherein the doctor will use a special stapling tool to remove internal hemorrhoid tissue that blocks blood flow to hemorrhoidal tissue. Stapling generally involves less pain and allows for earlier return to regular activities. However, there may be greater risk of recurrence and rectal prolapse by the use of stapling. Complications can also include bleeding, urinary retention, pain, and rarely a life-threatening blood infection (sepsis).
  • These are temporary methods only and new piles can appear after the uppper procedures are done for one particular piles after an interval of time.

    Homeopathic Medicine for Piles- so that problem treated from root and recurrence stops..

    Homeopathic medicines have provided evidence in the treatment of various type and severity of piles, and helps in avoiding to go for surgery as well.

  • Aloe Socotrina : Aloe is indicated in protruding or prolapse of piles, where they appear blue like bunch of grapes. Piles are very sensitive, tender, sore, and painful. It is usually accompanied by severe burning sensation at anus. Intense itching may also appear. If a person gives history of long-standing diarrhea, then Aloe is highly recommended. The aloe patient is aggravated from heat and better from cold applications in piles. Itching and burning in anus preventing sleep. Pain from navel to rectum with lot of fullness. There may be entire loss of sensation in anus.
  • Nux Vomica: This medicine acts best in persons with sedentary and high-living lifestyle and when piles are associated with constipation. Mostly indicated in men. Constipation, with frequent and unsuccessful ineffectual urging for stool; passes little stool at a time. The urge for stool is renewed shortly after one has defecated. Sensation as if something remained behind. Blind piles with burning and shooting pains indicate the use of Nux Vomica.
  • Hamamelis : Hamamelis comes in picture when patient complaint of bleeding from piles. It is a remedy for venous congestions with profuse bleeding tendencies, sometimes associated with anemia. It is very effective in controlling hemorrhages and has the ability to recover dropping hemoglobin level due to bleeding. Piles congested, inflamed, and bleeding profusely and giving rise to soreness. Hemorrhange of dark red blood. It is also indicated when patients complain of a backache with bleeding piles. This is accompanied by prostration or weakness which is out of all proportion to the quantity of blood lost.
  • Ratanhia: Ratanhia offers great relief in piles marked by burning and pain for many hours after stool. The character of pain is 'as if broken glass pieces are placed in the rectum' or a knife like stabbing pain also indicates the use of homeopathic medicine Ratanhia.
  • Aesculus :Aesculus is a homeopathic medicine for piles when it is accompanied with a backache. Severe, sharp, shooting lower backache in the lumbosacral region with hemorrhoids is sure shot sign for Aesculus to be used. Blind piles of years of standing. Severely large piles which seem to block rectum with little or no bleeding, great suffering, and constipation. Feels better from bleeding. Much pain in anus after stool, coming on an hour or two later, and then lasting for hours. Piles develop and become troublesome during climacteric years.
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