Homeopathic Treatment for insomnia

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia means inability to sleep or difficulty in falling or staying asleep. It is characterized by having trouble going back to sleep once awake or waking up often during the night time. Insomnia or sleeplessness is typically followed by daytime sleepiness, irritability, low energy and depressed mood.


Acute insomnia- It is mainly a brief episode of difficulty sleeping. Acute insomnia occurs because of life events, such as received bad news or travel or stressful changes in persons job. Normally it gets resolved without any treatment.

Chronic insomnia- Long term pattern of difficulty sleeping insomnia is chronic only when a person has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at least three nights per week for three months or longer. Some time they have long standing history of standing history of difficulty sleeping.

Comorbid insomnia- Insomnia that is associated or occurs with another condition such as anxiety and depression are associated with change in sleep. Medical condition like backache and arthritis which may make person hard to sleep because of pain.

Onset insomnia- Mainly there is difficulty falling asleep at the start or beginning of the night.

Maintenance insomnia- Inability to stay asleep person wakes up at night and have difficulty returning back to sleep.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Difficulty falling asleep associated with difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position.

Waking during the night time and inability to return to sleep.

Unrefreshed feeling upon waking

Daytime time sleeping anxiety or irritability

General tiredness

Problems with concentration or memory.

What are causes of Insomnia?

Causes of acute insomnia

Significant life stress (change or loss of job, death of near and dear one, divorce, moving)

Physical or emotional discomfort


Environment factors like light, noise or extreme temperature (cold or Hot) that interfere with sleep.

Interferences in normal sleep schedule (switching from drug to night shift).

Some medication (used for allergies, asthma, depression, high blood pressure).

Cause of chronic insomnia

Chronic anxiety or depression

Pain or discomfort at night

Chronic stress

How does Homeopathy Treatment work in Insomnia?


The physician will take medical and sleep history. An evaluation may include some physical examination. The physician may also suggest keeping sleep diary for week or two for keeping a track of your sleep pattern and how you feel during the day. Sometimes you may be referred to sleep centre for special test.


Treatment for Acute insomnia

Usually acute insomnia may not require treatment but mild insomnia can be cured or prevented by practicing good sleep habits. Health care providers may prescribe sleeping pills for limited time period, if insomnia makes it difficult or hard for a person to function during the day, it may be because a person is tired and sleepy. Avoid using over the counter sleeping pills for insomnia because it may contain undesired side effects and tend to lose their effectiveness over the time.

Treatment for Chronic insomnia

Firstly treating any underlining conditions or health issues that causing insomnia and if it still continues, health care provider may suggest behavioural therapy. This behavioural approach helps the person to change behaviour that may have worsened insomnia and helps to lead new behaviour to encourage sleep. Techniques for example sleep restriction therapy, relaxation exercise and reconditioning may be helpful.

Good Sleep Habits

Try to sleep at same time in night and get-up at same time in morning.

Avoid prolong use of phones or reading devices that gives light before sleep.

Avoid caffeine alcohol and nicotine

Get regular exercises (3-4 hours before sleep)

No heavy meal before night bed time

Make bedroom comfortable, dark, quite with good temperature

Homoeopathic medicine for sleeplessness or insomnia

Coffea: One of the best homeopathic medicines for sleep disorder. The patient ends up in a wide awake condition and cannot close his eyes. The cause of sleeplessness may be due to physical excitement because of mental exaltation. This way of sleeping disorder may also happen due to drug abuse or staying up late at night.

Sencio: Restlessness or sleeplessness which occurs on account of prolapse of uterus. Uterine irritation is experienced by the affected person.

Cypripedium: When patient cannot sleep because brain gets over crowded with different sort of pleasant ideas and thoughts.

Muriatic Acid: Unable to sleep in spite of feeling sleepy. Patient tosses about while trying to sleep and get restless.

Causticum: Sleeplessness during night time because of dry heat conditions. Person is unable to rest in a fixed posture and has an uncomfortable sleeping position.

Ignatia: If is for light sleepers (sensitive). Person who sleeps so light that the patient can hear everything around. Dreams of one fix subject are indicate which occurs due to sad thoughts or depression.

Ferrum met: People only who get sleep by changing the beds position heading towards the north.

Mag Carb: Sleeping disorder occurs due to abdominal problem and uneasiness and from sense of huge internal fear. Mag carb is also indicated for sleeplessness from flatus.

Kali Phos: Specific homoeopathic remedy for curing sleep disorder arise due to cause such as worry, overthinking or being too excited about something, disorder is also characterised by dreaming , twitching of body muscle when patient falls asleep. Patient is in tremendous fear and confused when he wakes up.

Arnica Mont:Affected person cannot sleep because of extreme exertion of both body and mind. The bed feels sore and the patient has a sore, lame, bruised feeling all over the body.