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Homeopathic Treatment for Injury

Homeopathic Treatment for Injury or First-Aid?

First aid is the immediate care given to victims before doctors arrive. Its goal is to minimize, stop and if possible reverse harm. It involves fast and simple measures such as clearing the air passageway, applying pressure to bleeding wounds or dousing chemical burns to eyes or skin, and giving preliminary first-aid medication. Appropriate first-aid medication helps in reducing the severity of the disease or event, and also many times helps in saving life in a life-threatening event.

The basic principle of homeopathic medicine is that a substance which can cause symptoms in a healthy person, can in non-toxic micro doses, stimulate cure in a diseased person suffering from similar symptoms (like cures like). Hence, with this principle, the homeopathic medicines stimulate the vital force, and also stimulate the body to heal itself.

The different homeopathic medicines for first-aid as per the conditions are described below:



Arnica is the king of remedies meant to combat trauma. Effects of the following come within the range of action; bruises, contusions, especially bruises with well-marked ecchymosis (bluish red swelling), and concussions of the brain or spine; injuries with blunt instruments; swelling, accompanying fracture and profuse suppuration (pus). Haemorrhages (bleeding) of mechanical origin whether in the tissues or internal organs or skin. Injuries to muscles, especially when there is pain from overexertion. Arnica is also an excellent medicine before or after surgery since the body experiences a state of shock from these medical procedures. It is used as well before and after dental surgery, and before, during, and after labor to help the mother and infant deal with the shock and stress of birth. Retention of urine from over-exertion or from any injury, delivery; especially surgical interference during delivery. Inflammation of eyes after mechanical injuries and conjunctival or retinal haemorrhages. There is sore, lame, bruised feeling. Bed feels hard and the patient becomes restless. It helps reduce shock, relieve pain, diminish swelling, and begin healing. Thus, Arnica is the pre-eminent remedy for injuries, falls, bruises, concussions, strains and sprains. Also, snake bites come within the range of its action.


Hypericum is a medicine for lacerated injuries to nerves or to injured parts of the body which are abundantly supplied with nerves (fingers, toes, matrices of nails, palms, soles and spine). Such injuries have sharp or shooting pains, and the injured part is very sensitive to touch. Punctured, incised or lacerated wounds; sore, painful, especially if of long duration. Injuries from stepping on nails, needles, pins, splinters; from rat-bites. Crushed, mashed finger-tips. Tetanus after traumatic injuries. Preserves integrity of torn and lacerated members when almost entirely separated from body. Nervous depression following wounds or surgical operations; removes bad effects of shock, of fright. Always modifies and sometimes arrests ulceration and sloughing. Bad effects of spinal injuries, spinal concussion; pains after a fall on coccyx. Convulsions; after blows on head or concussion. Sensation as if head became suddenly elongated (vertigo/dizziness); at night, with urging to urinate. Headache after a fall upon occiput, with sensation as if the head is being lifted up high into the air. After a fall; slightest motion of arms or neck extorts cries; spine is very sensitive to touch. Prevents lock-jaw.


Calendula treats wounds, cuts and abrasions, mild burns, and skin redness. Excessively painful, open, torn, cut, lacerated, ragged or suppurating wounds. Hemorrhages, in scalp wounds or after drawing teeth, etc. Prevents pus. Sensitive to damp or open air. Calendula can also be used to help soothe mild diaper rash. It works as an antiseptic and quickly draws dirt and germs out of a wound. Calendula may also prevent scabs from forming too early, possibly reducing scarring. It helps stop bleeding, inhibits infection, and promotes granulation of tissues to help heal wounds and burns. In calendula, all cases of loss of soft parts when union cannot be effected by means of adhesive plaster. Calendula is given post-surgical operation to promote healthy granulation and prevent excessive suppuration and disfiguring scars. Traumatic and idiopathic neuroma; neuritis from lacerated wounds; exhausted from loss of blood and excessive pain. Rupture of muscles or tendons and lacerations during labor. Wounds with sudden pain during febrile heat; constitutional tendency to erysipelas; old, neglected, offensive; threatening gangrene. Calendula ulcers: irritable, inflamed, sloughing, varicose; painful as if beaten; excessive secretion of pus. Calendula is specific for clean, surgical cuts or lacerated wounds, to prevent excessive suppuration.

Many surgeons use it to heal the incisions made with wonderful results!


Symphytum will relieve pain and promote rapid healing of the fracture. Injuries to the eyeball, bones around the eyes, and the cheekbones.

Used extensively in healing of bones in senior citizens where often there are problems due to fractures which dont heal !


Ledum is the best medicine for puncture wounds, whether from a needle, a nail, or other sharp object. Deep punctures or punctures from rusty nail and preventing tetanus. Ledum is commonly prescribed for insect stings and animal bites. It's applicable as well to people with severe bruising (black eyes or blows from firm objects), especially if the affected part feels cold and yet feels relieved by cold applications.

Rhus Tox

It is a great medicine for sprains and strains, especially the type of sprain and strain that is worse upon initial motion but that is better upon continued motion. It is also a medicine given for dislocated joints. Also used for allergic skin reactions.


Ruta is the medicine given for severe sprains where the person has a torn or wrenched tendon, split ligament, or bruised periosteum (bone covering). It is also the most common medicine prescribed for recent or old injuries to the knee or elbow, such as tennis elbow.



Apis is indicated in stings or bite's whether it is wasp, bee, mosquito, black fly, red ants, etc. The area is red, hot and itchy (and feels better from cold). Extreme sensitiveness to touch. Pain: burning, stinging, sore; suddenly migrating from one part to another. Affects right side. Swellings after bites; sore, sensitive. Erysipelas, with sensitiveness and swelling, rosy hue. Carbuncles, with burning, stinging pain. Sudden puffing up of whole body. Apis can be even taken before going on a hike or sitting around a camp fire in the evening.


An excellent remedy for blistering burns or scalds including sunburn, 2nd to 3rd degree burns, and wasp stings. The pain is searing and soothed by cold compresses.


Urtica Urens

Urtica Urens is the medicine of choice for burns of first degree. Very useful in bee stings. Itching blotches. Urticaria, burning heat, with formication; violent itching. Consequences of suppressed nettlerash. Rheumatism alternates with nettle-rash. Burn confined to skin. Urticaria nodosa. Erythema, with burning and stinging. Antidotes ill-effects of eating shellfish.


Arsenicum Album

Arsenic album is indicated especially for those going away from home, and having food poisoning. Arsenic should be thought of in ailments from alcoholism, ptomaine poisoning, stings, dissecting wounds, chewing tobacco; ill effects from decayed food or animal matter. Odor of discharges is putrid; cannot bear the sight or smell of food. Great thirst; drinks much, but little at a time. Nausea and vomiting, after eating or drinking. Burning pain, heartburn; long-lasting eructations. Vomiting of blood, bile, green mucus, or brown-black mixed with blood. Stomach extremely irritable; from slightest food or drink. Burning pain and pressure in rectum and anus. Small, offensive, dark, with much prostration and weakness. Worse at night, and after eating and drinking; from chilling stomach, alcoholic abuse, spoiled meat. Dysentery dark, bloody, very offensive. Cholera, with intense agony, prostration, and burning thirst. Body cold as ice.



Suits for heatstroke or exhaustion. The skin is hot and red, the face flushed face, eyes glassy, and the throbbing pain in the head.

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