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Homeopathic Treatment for Hypothyroidism

What is Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland secretes fewer amounts of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland produces tetraiodothyronine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), and regulates metabolism through the release of these hormones. Thyroid is responsible for providing energy to nearly every organ in your body.Hypothyroid is also said as underactive thyroid, it affects women more than men.Any person can develop hypothyroidism, but higher risk for it is above 60years.

What are the symptoms of Hypothyroidism?

The signs and symptoms vary from person to person and as per the age also, early generalizedsymptoms which includes

  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Constipation
  • Feeling cold
  • Thinning hair
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Dry skin
  • Muscle weakness
  • Increase blood cholesterol
  • Impaired memory.
  • Fertility difficulties or menstrual changes (sometimes heavy menstrual bleeding in women)
  • Puffy face
  • Pain and stiffness in joints


Hypothyroidism may be due to a number of factors as enumerated below:

  • Auto immune disease known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis have most common cause of hypothyroidism. When immune system produces antibodies that attack its own tissues, auto immune response isn't regulated or treated then immune system can attack healthy tissue, causing serious condition like hypothyroid
  • Treatment for hyperthyroid is like radioactive iodine or anti-thyroid medicine are prescribed to normalize and reduce the thyroid function. Sometimes treatment of hyperthyroidism can result in permanent hypothyroidism
  • Radiation therapy method used to treat cancer of head and neck can affect thyroid gland leading to hypothyroidism
  • Medications can also contribute to hypothyroidism. For example Lithium which is used to treat psychiatric disorders
  • Thyroid surgery Removal of large or partial portion of thyroid gland can diminish or halt hormone production. Thyroid hormone then would be required to take for life
  • Congenital disease when a childappear normal at birth but is born with a defective thyroid gland or no thyroid gland,for unknown reason, or due to an inherited form of the disorder
  • Pregnancy Hypothyroidism during or after pregnancy which is medically called as post-partum hypothyroidism, they produce antibodies to their own thyroid gland. If untreated leads to miscarriage, premature delivery and pre-eclampsia this condition in which significant increase in women’s blood pressure during the last trimester of pregnancy. That can seriously affect the developing fetus
  • Pituitary disorder is a rare cause of hypothyroidism wherein there is a failure of pituitary gland to produce enough (TSH) thyroid stimulating hormone due to benign tumor of pituitary gland
  • Iodine deficiencyTrace of mineral iodine (found primarily in seafood), plants grown in iodine –rich soil and iodized salt is very important for the production of thyroid hormones


Hypothyroidism if untreated leads to number of health problems

  • Goiter continuous stimulation of thyroid gland to release more hormones causing enlargement of gland known as goiter. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is one of the most common cause of goiter
  • Heart problem Increase risk of heart disease due to high levels of low density lipoprotein cholesterol ‘bad’ cholesterol occurs mainly occurs in underactive thyroid
  • Mental health issues Depression is observed in early stage of hypothyroidism further leading to slowed mental functioning
  • Myxedema if hypothyroidism is undiagnosed for long term, its life threatening condition
  • Infertility low level of thyroid hormone can interfere in ovulation leading to impaired fertility
  • Birth defectsuntreated thyroid disease women may give birth to babies born with birth defects

How does Homeopathy Treatment work in Hypothyroidism?

  • Synthetic thyroxineIt is identical to the T4 hormone. Dosage is depends upon patients history, symptoms and current TSH level. Blood test which help to determine if the dosage of synthetic T4 needs to be adjusted. Regular monitoring is required
  • Iodine and nutrition iodine deficiency is most common cause of goiter (development or abnormal enlargement of thyroid gland). Maintain adequate iodine intake, during pregnancy iodine requirement increases. Use iodized salt in diet and prenatal vitamins can help to maintain the required levels of iodine

Homeopathis Remedies
  • Calcarea Carbonica is the best remedy for hypothyroidism.Patient is obese and always chilly,cannot tolerated cold air. The constitution of patient is fair flabby and fatty. Marked symptom of remedy is excessive sweating on head. Peculiarities like craving for chalk, lime, pencils and aversion/dislike fats. There is constipation but first part of stool is hard and is followed by soft stool. In females coldness of feet is always present during menstrual period
  • Sepia Patient is very week and has pale yellow face and faint easily on exposure to excessive cold temperature, lack of vital heat. Females with menstrual irregularities like too early and are copious in nature associated by bearing down sensation in pelvis where the patient feels as if the pelvic organs will come out through the vulva and always sit with cross leg to prevent the escape. There is excessive hair fall. Constipation -very hard stool that passed in small balls with excessive pain. Patient have craving for sour food
  • Lycopodium patient with gastric derangement. Excessive flatulence complaint aggravate between 4pm-8pm. Constipation is with difficult hard incomplete stool. Patient craves for hot food and drinks (hot tea) and sweet's . Patient is very irritable and cannot bear contradiction
  • Graphite Obese patient and who takes cold easily. Patient complaints of constipation as stool are hard and passes with great difficulty in lumps.Mentally patient is very depressed, sad and weeps easily on listening to music. Timidity and inability to take decision is marked in remedy
  • Nux Vomica Patient who is extremelytemperamental in nature gets offended very easily. Patient is very sensitive to all external impressions. Constipation –stool is scanty and unsatisfactory with constant urge to pass stool but in little quantity. Bloating feeling after food . Excessive desire to stimulants like alcohol drink and coffee .patient is chilly. Menstrual complaints are prolonged menses where the menstrual blood is blackish and accompanied with fainting spells

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