Homeopathic Treatment for DUB


Abnormal bleeding from the uterus can occur due to many reasons. However, there are many cases in which no evident organic cause can be found. This phenomenon is termed as Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding or DUB.

What are the symptoms of DUB?

A woman can be said to have DUB if

  •  There is bleeding from the vagina between menses
  •  Periods consist of heavy bleeding with passage of clots
  • Menses last for more than one week
  • Menses occur in less than 3 weeks or are spaced out for more than 5 weeks

Why does DUB occur?

DUB usually occurs in women who do not ovulate, i.e. when the ovaries fail to release the egg or ovum when ovulation is supposed to occur. When this happens, hormonal levels change and fluctuate, specifically resulting in uninterrupted secretion of Estrogen, that results in overgrowth of endometrium. And so, when menses happen, the flow is prolonged and heavy.

Although there is no hard-and- fast rule of DUB happening in women who fail to ovulate, 10% of women with DUB have ovulatory cycles. The faulty hormone here is Progesterone which is secreted over a longer period of time and causes defective shedding of the inner uterine lining and bleeding between periods.

How does Homeopathy Treatment help in DUB?

DUB has no evident underlying cause that initiates the hormonal turmoil. But Homeopathy has the solution. With the right homeopathic medicines for DUB, the hormonal levels can be brought within levels of normality and a regular menstrual cycle can be restored.

Homeopathy Medicine helps to control the severity of bleeding during menses, keeps in check inter-menstrual bleeding and improves the overall health and vitality of the woman without compromising on any other systems of the body.

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