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Homeopathic Treatment for conjunctivitis

What is Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis, an inflammation or swelling of the conjunctiva, is also called as pink eye and is very common among children. It is highly contagious and can easily spread in schools and at home, and may affect either one eye or both eyes.

Rarely, it can become a serious problem. Usually, it is either due to a viral infection, a bacterial infection, or allergic reactions (to pollen, smoke, dust, chlorine in swimming pools, cosmetic products, contact lenses etc). The signs and symptoms of conjunctivitis includes- itching or burning sensation in one or both eyes, excessive tears or watering, swollen eyelids, pink discoloration in eyes, and or increased sensitivity to light.

Conjunctivitis is diagnosed by a comprehensive examination of the eye and patient history. The examination of the eye includes visual acuity measurement, evaluation of the conjunctiva and external eye.


The treatment will vary according to the cause and diagnosis of conjunctivitis by the doctor. The goal of the treatment will be to increase the patient comfort, reduce or lessen the course of the infection or inflammation, and prevent the spread of the infection in contagious forms of conjunctivitis.

The patient should also take corrective and preventive measures like- not to touch or rub eyes with your hands, wash hands thoroughly and frequently, change towel and clothes daily and not share them with others, limit use of eye cosmetics, not use anyone else's eye cosmetics or personal eye-care items, and follow eye doctor's instructions on proper contact lens care. The discomfort can be soothed by applying warm compresses to the affected eye.