Best Homeopathic Treatment for Wet Cough | Homeopathic Medicine for Wet Cough

Homeopathic Treatment for wet cough

What is Wet Cough?

Cold and cough are the most frequently reported symptoms to a doctor, especially when it comes to children. The conditions are so common that most don't even bother going to a doctor and consider this as part and parcel of their lives!

But the reason is simple- lowered resistance. Children especially have an underdeveloped immunity system, that is defective as far as resistance to common offending viruses are concerned. That is why they tend to fall prey to colds very easily. The problem comes when the immunity is still weak even as the child grows into an adolescent and then adult.

What are the symptoms of Wet Cough?

  • The attack usually begins with sneezing with a runny nose.
  • If not treated in time, the sneezing stops and a dry cough ensues.
  • The cough can then become loose and produce white to green sputum.
  • Fever may accompany these symptoms.

Why does Wet Cough occur?

Colds and cough are mostly caused by viruses in the environment. The most distressing fact about viruses is that they tend to mutate genetically, and so developing resistance to them becomes a huge challenge.

How does Homeopathy treatment work in Wet Cough?

Homeopathy treatment for Cold Cough works by enhancing the immunity of the person suffering so that he himself has the capacity to fight off the infections. The Homeopathy medicines for Cold Cough target the root rather than just the symptoms. A homeopathy medicine that acts superficially is of no use here because although the symptoms may go away temporarily, the cause is not addressed. Homeopathy treatment tackles the cause and so prevents recurrence.