Homeopathic Treatment for bronchitis

What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is an inflammatory condition wherein the mucosal lining present within the bronchi or airways gets irritated and swollen giving rise to cough and breathlessness. It is most frequently seen in young children whose immunity is still not well-developed, although even adults cannot escape this disease.

What are the symptoms of Bronchitis?

Bronchitis can be of the Acute or Chronic types.


1)Dry or wet cough


3)Wheezing sounds from the chest

4)Fever with or without chills


6)Vomiting in children


1)Persistently occurring cough for more than 3 months


3)Chest pain with tightness


5)Loss of appetite

6)Long-standing cases may present with bluish discoloration of lips and tongue

Why does Bronchitis occur?


The commonest mode by which Acute Bronchitis occurs is after a common cold or any infection of the nose or upper respiratory tract. Viruses are the commonest cause causing 90% of all acute cases of Bronchitis while bacteria cover most of the remaining 10%.


Chronic Bronchitis happens as a consequence of pollutants and triggers present in the environment, the most prominent one being smoking. Other triggers include dust, smog, smoke and fumes from vehicles and industries.

How does Homeopathy Treatment help in Bronchitis?

The goal of Homeopathy Treatment for Bronchitis is not to just get rid of the symptoms, but to enhance the overall immunity of the person so that he/she does not get recurrent attacks.