Homeopathic Treatment for Acne

What is Acne?

Acne is a disease of hair follicles predominantly of face, chest and back that affects teenagers mostly during puberty. Appearance of Acne

  • Comedones-Occluded pores-black heads or white heads
  • Pimples-Tender red bumps
  • Pustules-Bumps which contains pus
  • Cyst's-Boils, pimples

What are causes of Acne?

The sebum (oil) is natural substance and its function is to lubricate and protect the skin. Acne occurs due to sebaceous (oil) glands that get attached to hair follicle which are stimulated during puberty or hormonal changes. Follicle wall may bulge and lead to white heads or plug may be open to the skin surface and darken causing a black heads. Appearance of black head on skin is like a dirt stuck in pores. But practically the pore is congested with bacteria and oil (sebum), which turns brown in color when it is exposed to air. As the follicle enlarge the wall may actually rupture, allowing irritating substance and normal skin bacteria access into much deeper layers of skin causing inflammation around skin surface produces a pustule. Deeper inflammation results in papules or pimples; if the inflammation is deeper more it forms cysts.

Aggravating factors for Acne

  • Hormones during puberty (in both male and female) the hormones called androgen is increased which causes sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptive can affect sebum production
  • Diet skimmed milk, bread, chips, chocolate worsen the acne
  • Stress aggravates acne
  • Medication certain medication or drugs may aggravate acne

What are the symptoms of Acne?

Symptoms or signs vary depending upon severity of condition

  • Black heads - Open plugged pores
  • White heads - Closed plugged pores
  • Papules - small red, tender bumps
  • Pustules/pimples - papules with pus at their tips
  • Nodules - large, solid, painful bulges beneath the surface of the skin
  • Cystic lesion - painful, pus filled protuberances beneath the skin surface

How does Homeopathy Treatment work in Acne?

The main aim of the treatment is to reduce oil production, speed up fighting bacterial infection, reduce inflammation and prevent scarring. Acne drug long time to cure approximately 4-8 weeks during it skin may get worse before it gets better. It can take or year to get clear skin. The treatment will depend on few factors like your age, the type and severity of your acne.

Topical medication

  • Retinoidsand Retinoid like drugs (Vitamin A)Medicines are cream, gels or lotion base. Function is to prevent plugging of the hair follicles
  • Salicylic acid and azelaic acidThey are natural acid found in whole grains, cereals and animal products. Azelaic acid are 20% more effective than any other drugs. They are further more effective when combined with Erythromycin.Azelaic acid is optional in pregnancy and while breastfeeding.Side effects are skin discoloration and minor skin irritation.Salicylic acid may prevent plugged hair follicles
  • Antibioticskills excessive skin bacteria and helps to reduce redness
  • Dapsoneused in inflammatoryacne, mostly recommend in adult females. Side effects dryness and redness observed

Oral medication

  • Antibiotics are indicated in severe acne. Oral antibiotics are recommended to fight inflammation and reduce bacteria. Antibiotics should be used for short time to avoid antibiotic resistance. Side effects include stomach upset and dizziness.
  • Combine Oral and Contraceptive Four combined Oral Contraceptive are approved by FDA, products are combine estrogen and progestin. Side effects include weight gain, breast tenderness and nausea.
  • Anti-Androgen Agents If oral antibiotics aren't helping, function like blocking the effect of androgen hormone on the sebaceous glands. Side effects are breast tenderness and painful period.
  • Isotretinoin Powerful medicine for severe acne who doesn't respond to other treatments. Oral consumption is very effective it requires close mounting because of potential side effects like ulcerative colitis, increase risk of depression, suicide and severe birth defects. Patient taking such treatment must participate in food and drug administration approved risk management program.


Therapies are useful either alone or with combination of medicine.

  • Laser and photodynamic therapy- light based therapies.
  • Chemical peel -Procedure uses repeated application of chemical solution, like salicylic acid glycolic acid or retinoic acid. Improvement is not long lasting, so repeat treatment is usually needed.
  • Extraction of black head/white heads (comedos) - Gently removal of white and black with special tools by that clear up with topical medication. Side effects are scarring.
  • Steroids injection- is used mainly for nodular and cystic acne. Inject steroid drug directly into them for rapid improvement and decrease pain.


  • Antimonium Crudum is indicated in acne filled with pus and which has covering of yellow-colored crust. Pimples are mainly on cheeks that suffer from itching and burning sensation which aggravates in night. Patient has gastric derangement, thick coated white tongue. Craving sour food.
  • Natrum Muraticum is used in mainly for oily skin acne on body, face, hairline and back with greasy skin. Patient is thin and week. He feels and looks emaciated even after eating well. Anemia is common concomitant. Sun heat generally aggravates all symptoms. Craving salty food/ add more and more salt to his normal foods.
  • HeparSulph Painful and more in the form of boils and abscesses. Patient with unhealthy skin who have tendency to periodic painful and sensitive pimples. Pear shaped pimples comprising of white pus, bleeding and ulcerating pimples on scratching, lesion on lips and forehead. Aggravated touch intolerance to cold. Increase in perspiration. Nature of anger and irritability at slightest cause. Chilly patient means cold intolerance.
  • Pulsatilla is indicated when acne is caused due to increased intake of rich food. Like junk food-cakes, pastries and ice cream. With menstrual irregularities. Patient sensitive to heat. Thirstlessness or absence of thirst tends to feel better in open air.
  • Silicea is indicated in acne with suppuration/cystic acne. Formations of pus in pimples are offensive. Patients tolerate cold in any form. Skin aggravate in winter. Patient has profuse perspiration on head. Skin is delicate and pale. Obstinate constipation, swollen lump glands and acne on forehead and cheeks.
  • Nux Vomica Pimples with gastric disturbances. Skin has red blotchy appearance. Craving tea, coffee and other stimulants. Excessive spicy food stimulates gastric derangement. Chilly patient, sensitivity to cold temperament is such that he gets angered and irritated easily lean thin person.
  • Berberis Aquifolium Acne that results in formation of scar. It helps to clear scar wonderfully.
  • Calendula/Hammamelis/Echinacea angustifolia and many many more

There are many homeopathic creams /ointments for acne, which applied locally, give immediate relief. As homeopaths, we recommend it along with proper consultation but if your problem is small go ahead buy and use it!