Homeopathic Treatment for fractures

What is a fracture?

It is a break in the continuity of bone. This broken bone can be partial or complete. Fractures are very common .They can be simple or compound.

1) When there is a simple crack and there is no dislocation of the bone -it is a simple fracture

2) When the ends of a bone tear your skin it is called open or compound fracture

The most common causes of fracture is a bad fall or accidents. The stronger the bone lesser the injury . Most common in children or old people. Many times the fracture can be a result of osteopororsis, bone infections or humours. Fractures can also be due to repetitive injury to bones as in professional sportsperson or heavy weight lifters. The most important symtoms of fracture is excruciating pain, swelling of skin, deformity depending on grade of fracture, restriction of movement, occasionally bleeding, distortion . With large joints or skull fractures there can signs of shock, dizziness, nausea, cold clammy skin or unconsciousness.

Diagnosis is by Xray. MRI and scans according to complications.

Treatment involves

1) Immobilisation of joint by cast/ plaster

2) Treating other complications if present

3) Manipulations -adjusting the bone so that they align and help in heeling

4) Operative procedures for complicated cases-plates and rods to aligning bones.

First Aid:

1) Whenever you see an injured person with possibility of fracture do not move the person.

2) Immobilise the part with help of cloth, wood plank .

3) Keep the person hydrated give water.

4) Use ice-packs to reduce bleeding, pain, sweating.

5) Move to hospital immediately

Homeopathic Help and Management Of Fracture

As a first aid medicine give Arnica 200 single dose best medicine for trauma or concussion.

Calendula ointment for injury, open wounds,cuts-restricts infection

After fracture is confirmed homeopathic medicines like Symphytum off,Ruta, Calc-f,calc-phos can be given to promote joining of bone and heal them faster.


This medicine is of prime importance when there is non-union of the fractured parts. Seen in old people. There is pricking type of pain at the site of fracture. It also stimulates and heals surfaces.

Calc-Flour: Used when there is fracture due to tuberculosis of bone or osteoporosis. After surgery helps heal bone should be taken under homeopaths guidance only.

Calc-phos: Indicated in non-union of fractured bones. There is numbness and crawling sensation. It has a special affinity for skull bones. Pain tends to be worse after exposure to cold.

Ruta: For wrists and ankles. Intense pain , bruised feeling, weakness,stiffness. Pain is worse at night.

Homeopathy is excellent for promoting bone growth in old people where often bones refuse to join.

Tips For Strong Bones.

Diet rich in calcium is milk, curd, cheese, paneer(cottage cheese),custard apple, ragi, shell fish, crabs- along with exposure to sunlight

Exercise and yoga

Exposure to sunlight helps absorb the calcium Happy and healthy with H4ALL