ADEL 7 Apo-Tuss Drop

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FOR COUGH, ILLNESSES OF THE LARYNX, BRONCHITIS, FLU AND SEVERE COLD INDICATIONS: All types of cough, cough due to cold, whooping cough, cough due to smoking and flu. ADEL 7 (apo-TUSS) drops work as a natural antimicrobial for treatment of coughs, laryngitis, hoarseness and bronchial infections. It is also effective for eliminating bronchial mucus, stabbing chest pains, fever and dry, hard coughs that frequently accompany acute illnesses. This remedy also serves as an excellent adjuvant therapy for resolving whooping cough and asthma.

How to use?

Adults - 15 to 20 drops Children - 7 to 10 drops 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water

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