Irregular Menses & Unusual Hair Growth? This can be PCOS!

Dr. Medha Durge 14-12-2017 04:12 PM

Do you keep waiting for that time of the month but get tired of waiting? While most women have regular periods and gave very strict and rigid menstrual cycles, some women experience irregular periods. Irregular periods can happen due to a lot of reasons. But there's one reason that most common. This most common reason is PCOS which means Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS can have severe consequences if left untreated. So never make the mistake of ignoring your irregular menses thinking it just got delayed due to stress other reasons. It can be PCOS and studies reveal that 90% of females who experience irregular periods have PCOD. Better not ignore if you want you keep away from unwanted and unnecessary symptoms! But don't worry, we've got you covered! There are homeopathic treatment for PCOS which will keep you at bay from facing this problem again. But recognising that you 'might' have PCOS is of utmost importance!

How to know if you have irregular periods?

Irregular periods are not when you don't get periods on the exact date it happened a month ago. That's normal and it happens as a result of stress and other minor hormonal problems. There's nothing to worry here. But if your periods take anything longer than 35 days period to occur, then it's called as irregular periods! It can be one of the alarming symptoms of PCOS and you will need to consult the doctor immediately. Homeopathic treatment for PCOS have proved to be the best ones as it treats the cause of PCOS and provides you a permanent solution.

Other symptoms of PCOS

  • Unusual hair growth is yet another alarming symptom of PCOS. If you think your hair is growing much faster than the average speed, you should consider checking with your doctor as early as possible. Extremely fast hair growth indicates excess production of hormones which is not a good thing for your health!
  • Excessive Hair growth in your arm pits and breast area can also indicate that you probably developed PCOS. Hair growth especially in the breast area, is one of clear signs that you may be having PCOS problem which calls to your immediate attention.
  • Weight gain or weight loss that happens suddenly is a red flag sign! Gaining weight all of a sudden is definitely not healthy and it means that there's something wrong in your body's hormonal discretion. Same theory applies to the weight loss.
  • Growth of hair in the upper lip region also happens when a woman is having PCOS. If you notice that there's unusual and rapid growth of hair in your upper lip region, consult your doctor immediately.


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