Alfalfa Tonic

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Alfalfa Tonic contains various well blended homeopathic medicines and herbal tinctures fortified with Ginseng. Its a product enriched with nutrients,natural amino-acids,vitamins and minerals to restore physical as well as mental well being.Also useful in anxiety,nervousness,debility,sleeplessness,loss of appetite,pregnancy ,lactation. Homeopathic Tonic.Increases appetite. Contains Alfalfa, Avena sativa and Ginseng.

How to use?

10 drops in 1/4 cup water 2times a day One dose 6hrs before sleep and one dose before sleep. Composition :Lupulus/Zinc-m/Eschscholtzia/Excipients qs/ alcohol

H4All Tips

1 tablespoon 3times a day before meals Composition:Alfalfa/Ginseng/Ferrum-a/Kali-p/Avena-s/Cinchona/Kali-ars/Calc-phos/Hydrastis

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Minerals, Nutrients and Tonic For All