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LORD'S ORTHOKURE is a vegan bone supplement which imroves the collagen and calcium level in the body. The main ingredients present in it are Glucosamine, Curcumin and Boswellia which are well researched and proven in improving the cartilage levels within the bones thus promoting healthy joints. ORTHOKURE also aids in maintaining healthy bone density by facilitating the transport of minerals from bloodstream to bones. ORTHOKURE is recommended for maintaining the strength and flexibility of bones.

How to use?

10 drops in 1/4 cup water 2times a day One dose 6hrs before sleep and one dose before sleep. Composition :Lupulus/Zinc-m/Eschscholtzia/Excipients qs/ alcohol

H4All Tips

1 Tablet twice a day or as prescribed by the dietician/ doctor.

Not Recomended For