Hairfall Combo 2

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Combo has 3 products effective to reduce your hairfall. They give best result if used together to fight hairfall. They have been tried and tested. The products are 1) Scalptone -by SBL- in tablets form so that hairfall stops by reparing internal causes. Scalptone contains Acid flour 3X: alopecia, damaged hair, splits etc Acid phos 3X: greying of hair, greasy hair, Nat mur 3x: hairfall as soon as you touch it Calc-phos 3X: important for tissue health, quality of hair Badiaga to prevent dandruff.. 2)Jaborandi -SBL- Hair oil used extensively for hairfall. Nourishes the scalp and the hair follicles and promotes hair growth 3)Arnica Shampoo- Bakson- Most shampoos have more detergent effect and irritate the scalp which leads to hairfall.Arnica, Amla, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Jaborandi, China, Heena, Cantharis & Neem-all ingredients help in hair growth and health. It is sulphur-free shampoo.

How to use?

Scalptone are tablets are to be taken internally 4tablets / 3 times a day. Jaborandi Oil: Used to apply to scalp with fingers by gently massaging. Leave it for at least 1hr before wash. Can also apply at night and wash it in the morning. Three times a wk is best. Arnica Shampoo: Use it like a normal shampoo twice a wk. Apply, lather with warm water and wash.

H4All Tips

This is one of the most wholistic kit-combo for hairfall. It deals with hairfall internally and externally and chances of good result from its use is very high. These have been tried and tested to give good results.

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All can use it.

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