Childrens Kit

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These are pills that easily dissolve in the mouth. Easy to give medicine to children. 100% natural. There are 9 bottles in the pack to treat children for simple complaints like -cold,cough,constipation,throat pain,nose-block,stomach ache,loose-motions,wet cough and fever. Each bottle contains around 60pills. These will last approximately for 4 wk depending on usage and assuming you need to intermittently. To be used to treat complaints for around 2 days -if not better consult us. The medicines contain common homeopathic medicines used regularly to treat children and their complaints. Contents: Ars-alb 30, Puls 30, Nux-v30,Colo30, Ipec 30,Hep-s30,Bry30

How to use?

Normal dosage is 3 pills / 3times a day. The kit will last for many days depending on use.

H4All Tips

Use them for simple problems as mentioned when you dont feel the need to go to the doctor. Mild form of the complaints. At one time to be used for not more than 2 days unless on consultation or supervised use.

Not Recomended For

Its safe for everyone. From new born babies to children all can use it.

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