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A normal healthy body does not make stones. Imbalance of some salts and decreased quantity of water will precipitate a nidus on which a stone gets formed. Stones formed in kidney can remain in kidneys or travel to ureter and bladder-moving stone gives pain. Renal colic is severe pain in lower back or sides. The pain is usually on one side, but may be on both sides of the lower back. Renal colic may start quickly, come and go, and become worse over time. It is caused by a blockage in the urinary tract. The most common cause of blockage in the urinary tract is accumulation of crystals like calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate and urates mainly, which are formed due to super-saturation of urine. Blood clots, ureter spasms, and dead tissue may also block your urinary tract. Indication: Renal colic. Pain in flanks extending to groins accompanied with dysuria and haematuria. Clearstone is a clinically proven research product which helps in disintegrate the stones and pain relief. Stone can be in kidney,ureter,bladder.

How to use?

10 drops in 1/4 cup water 2times a day One dose 6hrs before sleep and one dose before sleep. Composition :Lupulus/Zinc-m/Eschscholtzia/Excipients qs/ alcohol

H4All Tips

10-15 drops in cup of water 3 times a day Composition:Berberis-v/Ocimum/Pareira-b/Sarsaparilla/Solidago/Senecio

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