Stodal cough syrup

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Stodal -(115 ml)Most cough syrups in market contain narcotic derivatives like codeine which has narcotic effect.This can lead to addiction as well as reduced mental activity like drowsiness.These are not recommended for children and pregnant women. Stodal + cough syrup is clinically proven cough syrup and effective in dry, productive and allergic cough. Stodal + treats irritating cough caused by infection or smoking, nasal and post nasal mucous discharge and is also useful in spasmodic cough. The principal symptoms of respiratory tract diseases are cough & catarrh. Stodal + cough syrup helps in facilitating recovery from cough & wheezes and thus avoids usage of antibiotics. Stodal +cough syrup is well suited for all age groups and can be recommended as a daytime cough syrup.

How to use?

Adults : One tablespoonful 3-5 times a day. Children : One teaspoonful 3-5 times a day or as prescribed by the physician. Composition:Drosera/Pulsatilla/Spongia/Sticta/Rumex/Blatta/Ephedra/Coccus/Justicia/Zingiber/Polygala.

H4All Tips

Stodal is highly recommended as it is safe for children. For those harsh,barking cough which sound dry-very dry.Throat irritation. Give warm water and steam for better relief.

Not Recomended For

none All age groups,pregnant ladies can have it. Its safe.

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