Omeo Liver Syrup

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Liver is responsible for processing all our intake like food,drinks,alcohol,drugs,medicines etc.Hence its important for our liver to function well. Often after jaundice or hepatitis or any severe infections liver function deteriorates and we need to boost its function. Liver Largest glandular organ of the body. Weighs about 1.36 kg. It lies on the right side of the abdominal cavity beneath the diaphragm. Indications: ? Loss of Appettite ? Poor digestion ? Persistent Nausea & Vomiting ? Pain in liver region ? Gall stone colic ? Fatty degeneration of the Liver ? Debility ? Bad effects of excessive alcohol consumption If these are the symtoms -it could be that liver is not functioning optimally and needs boost -liver tonics help.

How to use?

2 teaspoons /3times for adults 1 teaspoon / 2times a day children Composition:Carduus-m/Cheli-m/Andro-p/Hydrastis/Tara/Podo/Ipec/alcohol

H4All Tips

Fatty liver is often due to obesity and good exercise and non-fat diet is advised along with the tonic. If liver enzymes are affected due to alcohol -reducing or stopping alcohol is an absolute must. Liver is a very important organ and do visit your homeopath to check -out and get proper guidelines.

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