Omeo k-Stone Syrup

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Each kidney has a bean shaped structure and has convex and concave surfaces. Urine formed in the kidney leaves it through ureter to enter into urinary bladder and from there it is passed out of body through urethra. Symptoms of kidney stones: Kidney stones can remain asymptomatic and can present with following symptoms- 1. Pain ? this is the leading symptom of kidney stone, pain is severe from lower back to front and may be associated with vomiting 2. Urinary symptoms- burning in urine 3. Haematuria ( passage of blood in urine ) 4. Dysuria ( pain while urination ) 5. Frequent urination Indications: ? Renal colic ? Burning urine ? Pain while urination ? Increased frequency of urination and haematuria ( blood in urine ) Action of omeok-stone syrup: ? Relieves distress from renal colic ? Arrests the tendency to formation of calculus in the bladder ? Corrects Uric acid diathesis Action of ingredients: ? Berberis vulgaris: Irritation induced by Bilious and Renal Calculi. ? Sarsaparilla: Renal colic and passage of gravel and formation of vesicle calculi.

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