Omeo Acidity Tablets

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Omeo Acidity tablets can be taken on your own if you have acidity. Acidity is caused mainly by 3 things-irregular eating or not eating on time, stress, spicy food.It is imp to treat acidity cause over long period of time it forms ulcers. Problem of acidity generates ill health and brings down working capacity.Any one of the below symtoms are seen and sometimes more than one. A homoeopathic speciality product for Acidity. Indications: ? Sour eructations ? Heartburn ? Acidity ? Heaviness in abdomen Action of ingredients: ? Natrium phosphoricum- act as a buffer against build up of hydrogen ions. ? Carbo vegetabilis- acts on the mucous membrane of digestive tract and stomach

How to use?

2 tab after food /2times a day-Adult 1tab after food once a day -children Composition:Nat-p/Carbo-v/Lyco/Robinia

H4All Tips

Omeo Acidity will give relief but if you want the effect to remain then make the following changes 1)Eat a good breakfast 2)Eat every 2-3hrs so that acid formed in stomach is neutralized 3)Limit spicy food 4)Do not keep any issue simmering-resolve it, talk it out, get help, change the job or your attitude.

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