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nsufficiency of the organic salts in the tissues/cells of the body leads to loss of physiologic balance resulting in symptoms like nervous exhaustion, irritability and sleeplessness. Administration of these deficient salts can re-establish the requisite equilibrium thus relieving the symptoms. SBL?s Five Phos A+ is the combination of phosphates and Homoeopathic mother tinctures which promote tissue building and provide necessary nutrition to nerves, brain and bones. It is regarded as a general tonic for all chronic wasting diseases, anaemia, general debility and exhaustion with lack of vitality. INDICATIONS Useful in wasting diseases, exhausted feeling, general weakness, lack of vitality and anaemia.

How to use?

Adult: 10ml (2 teaspoonfuls) Children: 5ml (1 teaspoonful) Three times a day or as prescribed by the physician

H4All Tips

For vegetarians you can take palak, jaggery-gur, khajur. For non veg take red meat-mutton. Cooking in iron vessels helps improve your blood iron.

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