LIV T and LIV T PAEDIATRIC ( In Mixed Fruit Flavour)

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Liver is the largest vital organ in our body which is constantly under attack every time we eat of drink.It deals with all contaminated water, food,drink,pollution, drugs,virus. Liver comes under stress and becomes susceptible to jaundice,hepatitis etc LIV T is an In-house clinically proven liver tonic. LIV T is specially formulated to combat harm done by bacterial & viral infections, drugs, alcohol and chemicals. LIV T rejuvenates hepatic cells, tones-up the liver, eliminates hepatic toxins, promotes the flow of bile and prevents its thickening & crystallization, promotes appetite and strengthens the digestive process thus restores good health. Indications: Liver tonic. Improves appetite, nausea, vomiting and yellowness of sclera.

How to use?

LIV T: Adult: 10ml . Children : 5ml thrice daily, hour after meals LIV T (P): 5 ml 4 times a day Composition: Carduus M/Taraxacum/Chelidonium/Hydrastis/Podophyllum/Andrographis

H4All Tips

Liver Tonics are recommended after acute infections like jaundice, hepatitis, chronic indigestions or any other prolonged sickness when liver is weak and body needs help to restore health.

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