FP Tabs and FP Ointment

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Piles is a congested vein in the anal region which causes bleeding and pain.It is treatable. Homeopathy can make it instantly better. Hard stool or straining during stool is the main reason for the problem. Fissure is a tear in the inner lining of the anal region due to hard stool.Fissure will cause a blood streaked stool whereas frank bleeding will be piles.Fissures can heal with a small /large skin tag coming out of the anal cavity. This tag is harmless. FP-Tabs (there is also ointment) is a combination of well proven homoeopathic drugs that have pain relieving, anti-constipatory and haemostatic properties. FP-Tabs helps in curing anal fissures and engorged rectal veins by reducing pain and venous congestion around the anus. Indications: Painful or bleeding anal mass, fissures & associated pains, constipation and backache.

How to use?

FP Tabs: 2 tablets every 3 hours. FP Ointment: Apply locally, twice a day. Composition:Ratanhia/Hamamelis/Aesculus/Aloe/Calc-F

H4All Tips

Homeopathy gives instant relief in pain and bleeding. However stools should always be soft and there should be no need to strain. So it helps if one drinks plenty of water and eat fibre foods like carrots, leafy vegetables,watermelon,musk melon,chikoos,salads. If stool is soft piles and fissures will heal faster and not occur

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