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SBL -Btrim is a clinically proven product composed of well balanced homeopathic ingredients which help fight obesity. Obesity is abnormal accumulation of fat which is a risk to health. Obesity can be due to excessive intake of food, lack of exercise,weight gain after delivery or hereditary. Obesity leads to diabetes,heart complaints,joint pains etc HOTTEST SELLING PRODUCT B-Trim uses ultrasound therapy, along with electrical micro-current energy, to break up fat. The appliance also has vibratory mobilising effects to usher in effective results in fat treatment and muscle conditioning. B-Trim, as we have tested and also corroborated, offers synergetic, measurable therapeutic results in weight loss when combined with holistic homeopathic treatment.

How to use?

3-4 drops in 1/2cup normal water before lunch and dinner Composition: Calc-carb/ Phytolacca/Fucus/Thyroidinum

H4All Tips:

Along with exercise and diet it gives better results. First clothes will become loose then weight will reduce.. Exercises should be done for at least 25 minutes for 5 days a week. Step it up gradually and consult your doctor if you have any problem. Diet should have minimum fat-like oil,butter and ghee. Carbohydrates like rice,potato, bread should be less and proteins should be more esp in vegetarians.

Not Recomended For:

Pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers because fat is requires during this time Not for kids below 18yrs as in growing body we need fat for growth.