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  • My daughter was taking treatment and I was suddenly discovered having raised creatinine. We were disturbed and did not want dialysis. When my daughter mentioned this to DrDurge –H4ALL -she adviced homeopathic treatment. This was over a year back. I am not on dialysis and my creatinine levels are controlled.

    R. Agnivanshi-MP

  • I was staying in Pune and had PCOD. Took homeopathic treatment from Dr Durge and got very good results and had to take medicines for 5months or so. Now I am also treating my son for other type of cyst.


  • I had undergone operation for my ovarian cyst once but it happened again.So I thought of homeopathy.My PCOD was completely treated by Dr Durge and I married and had a daughter as well.

    Daksha K

  • I was treated for my PCOD with homeopathy and I got good result with treatment.

    Avani T

  • I was diagnosed with PCOD by my Gynaecologist and I was sick of taking hormonal pills to regulate my periods. With Dr. Shitut's treatment which lasted for about 4 months I am now thankfully very regular. Based on my experience I even sent a couple of my friends with the same complaints to Dr. Shitut.

    Miss Vaibhavi Nagvekar 25, Worli, Mumbai

  • Irregular menses is such a problem.Homeopathy has effective medicines for it and no side-effects.

    Vidya B-Mumbai

  • Homeopathy helped regularize my menses I will recommend it to all as its safe.

    Asmit U-Thanes

  • I had large patches of psoriasis-full legs, back, stomach, arms. With homeopathy now I am almost completely rid of it.Since they were large patches Dr Durge asked me to continue for long which I did and got good results. I am happy with the treatment and my blood pressure is also under control with it.

    Mr Tiwari-Thane

  • I was in std 3 when I got vitiligo and took homeopathic treatment from Dr Durge.I am completely cured of it and now I am college-going and it has not come back.My mother was very tensed but now is happy with treatment.

    Manasi Kale-Mumbai

  • I had several patches of vitiligo and I took homeopathy for it.It gave me good results but a few patches are there but I have stopped medicines since I had to go out.Homeopathy works for vitiligo.

    R.Potdar- West bengal

  • I am still taking treatment for my vitiligo and going to continue as I am seeing results…

    DD- Indore

  • I had Psoriasis and was treated by Dr Pawan Chandak and results in first weak itself though I had this for over 2yrs.Thankful to him

    Mr K.C-Prabhani

  • I took treatment for warts with Dr Amit D for 3months and all my warts were completely gone.

    Mr Thakker-Mumbai

  • I took treatment for warts with Dr Amit D for 3months and all my warts were completely gone.

    Mr Thakker-Mumbai

  • I had severe urticaria which was not allowing me to work efficiently.I had tried all allopathic medicines and its effect was decreasing day-by-day. I got good result with homeopathy.


  • I had this severe skin problem on both my legs and lesions were becoming rough and thick.I did not ever think that any medicine could help it. But homeopathy helped get my skin so much better.I did not know homeopathy but happy to find it.


  • I had been vomiting for many years daily in the morning because of acidity and had grown used to it.Within 3weeks of Dr Durges medicines my vomiting completely stopped and I was feeling so much better.Now for any complaint I prefer to go to her first before anybody else.


  • Miss Gap, 16 years old came with psoriatic eruptions on her scalp, eyes, elbows---arms, legs. she has this complaint for last 6 years and is continuously on medication topical as well as tablets.was not putting on weight. eruptions better >3 since starting treatment, also after 15 days she had put on 2 kgs, and after 2 months 4 kgs. skin much better.-

    treated by Dr Joglekar

  • I had chronic eczema of 25yrs which responded to medicines given by Dr Chandak within 1month of treatment. Homeopathy workd better than all other.

    Mr R M

  • My acidity improved a lot with homeopathy.I had burning and burping because of bad eating timings and hectic schedule and travel.


  • I am an anxious kind of person and get upset at irrelevant things. This gives me attacks of acidity. Dr. Shitut's treatment has helped me tremendously and now my acidity attacks have reduced considerably. The first dose of her medicine gives me instant relief. I have been her patient since last 10 years. She is now more of a friend than physician.

    Mrs. Smita S. Sapre 51, Mumbai

  • I have family history of diabetes.My blood sugar was very high and it has improved a lot with Dr Durges medicines.I am still taking it as I am responding well to treatment.


  • I am taking homeopathy for my blood pressure and my skin.Keeps it in control.Treatment with Dr Durge


  • I started with homeopathy with Dr Durge as soon as my blood pressure began to rise.


  • I was treated by Dr Bodas for Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT) and after treatment my colour Doppler showed normal findings.Homeopathy can treat such complaints as well.

    Mr Jain-Pune

  • Migraine headaches had become a part of my miserable life for many years. And then I met Dr. Sucheta who said she would try to treat me with constitutional treatment. I took her treatment for only 2 months and my headaches vanished. Now once in a while when I get an attack I rush to Dr. Shitut and a couple of doses set me right. I am so thankful to her.

    Rachel Jacob 50, Dadar, Mumbai.

  • Dear dr Beena Limaye, I am extremely pleased to tell you that your HOMEOPATHIC Treatment is working very well on my body. All symptoms such as frequently developing kidney stone problem, urinary disorders and numbness in my right hand and leg due to Spondylolisthesis since long time are beginning to rapidly fade away.

    Miss. samruddhi. T. Yadav.-Thane

  • I was suffering from bronchial asthma since many years. I had tried allopathic as well as Ayurvedic medicines But there was no relief or sometimes relief would be temporary & with allopathic there were side effects.

    When I started homeopathy treatment with Dr.Beena it was magic & then I continued it for 2 months as per doctor advice & now I am relieved of asthma permanently.

    Dr.Uday A. Gadgil Eye Surgeon

  • I had swelling in my leg which was not going with any medicine. I took treatment with Dr Amit D and my swelling began to respond within 2wks.Its completely gone now.Even when there is no diagnosis as such homeopathy helps.

    Mr Shah

  • My son had anger issues which was very difficult to handle.We consulted Dr Bodas and thanks to him he is a changed person now.

    XYZ(does not want to reveal identity)

  • Today I am 100% confident of life only because of DrBodas who treated me with homeopathy for backache and nervousness.


  • Yash has been suffering from psoriasis since 2years.I consulted Dr Medha in June. Within 2-3months there has been a remarkable difference in the intensity of his ailments. 50% of his lesions have gone and rest are on its way to heal. A great relief to me due to Dr Medha s medicine.


  • I had come for treatment for acid reflux. Thanks for giving me nice treatment. Now I am 80% ok with my problem. Also I am very thankful for suggesting diet –like what to eat and what not to eat-it really helped me a lot.

    Sushil Tillu (Dr Durges pt)

  • Thanking you for curing my daughter Mariam with help of your medication.She was suffering from chest congestion and used to get ill after every alternate days.After your guidance and medication she has recovered from her illness.Thank –you Dr Medha—Shoaib Sheikh Thank you for treating me for heel spur.Feeling better after taking medicines from you.Thanks to Dr Durge and H4ALL

    Mrs Varsha Sambrekar

  • I had a boil on my back at around first week of September. When I tried to hot water massage I saw a little amount of pus oozed out. I immediately consulted you regarding the same and was treated for same for 3-4days. I am happy and surprised to see the results without antibiotics and its side effects. I am your patient for last 6-7years and happy and satisfied to have a doctor like you..

    Mr Vishwajeet Dhamnaskar (Dr Durges pt)

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