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Dr. Medha Durge
Qualifacation: MD(Hom)
Years of Practice: 22 years
Expertise: PCOD/Menstrual Complts/Colds-chronic/Skin-vitiligo/Prevention of dialysis

Maharashtra Council Of Homeopathy, RCCM, TiE Mumbai

International Paper presentation in 2005-Asian Womens Conference

Book reviews for RCCM(UK)

Publications in peer-reviewed journal

Case studies: Irregular menses

Daksha had come to me with complaint of menses for almost a year and half. She had cyst in her left ovary, which was operated and after few years it formed on right side for which she was again advised surgery.

She had gained weight and there were no menses. Since ovulation studies were not common and patient was not getting menses we did not do it. Daksha was treated for over year for the problem we were not sure and asked her to report in case there is difficulty in getting pregnant.

This is what Daksha has to say:-
Dear all,
I was taking treatment from Medha mam for almost a year for PCOD. Mam always supported me , guided me and used to say "think positive . We are doing our best but pregnancy is difficult in such cases". I was prepared mentally and even my- would be husband. But after 7months i conceived without treatment and now my daughter is 11 years old. Thanks to Medha Mam and her efforts.
Daksha Kane
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Our experiences with PCOD/ irregular menses
Most of the irregular menses in young girl or married women can be treated effectively and safely with homeopathy. Depending upon how old the complaint is it takes time. It may take 3 months or 1 yr. once it is put right – it does not re occur.
Most of ovarian cyst if small can be completely treated to make them harmless so that they stop growing.

Can be safely treated by homeopathy depending on size and age of patient.Small sizes are not a problem.After 40yrs of age can symtomatically treat it.Bleeding due to fibroids can be stopped by homeopathic treatment 95% of the times.

Manasi kale had come to us with diagnosed complaint of vitiligo on the upper eyelid. It was a small patch, but kept growing. They said that no one in their family had vitiligo. We treated her for 1 yr and it completely went.
It come back after 3 yrs and we treated for 2 months and it completely went and did not come back. Her grandfather also developed a vitiligo patch on his leg.
Manasi is now 18 yrs old and in college.

Prevention Of Dialysis in kidney problems and Homeopathic help.

Mr. Suresh Deshmukh
Was brought to us on Thursday with a rising creatinine level . and his urologist advice to go for dialysis on Monday.
We took his case. He had no B.P and diabetes diagnosed 2 yrs back .We started his medicines and asked him to see his urologist on Monday anyways his creatinine had dropped to 7 on Monday. So we advised him to postpone dialysis. This was feb 2009.
Today Mr. suresh is not on dialysis living a healthy normal life.

This is what Mr. Suresh Deshmukh has to say about us.
"I recommed to everyone to try homeopathy for any illness.I did not want dialysis and today I am living quality life and my creatinine levels are controlled" You can contact me on 09619496541,would like to help.

Prevention Of Dialysis in kidney problems and Homeopathic help.

Mr Vinayak Athalye
Was recommended by patients to take homeopathy.He is an old person with multiple problems and is house-bound with rising creatinine levels and was advised dialysis.His creatinine level was around 4.This was in Feb2011.He started with homoepathy and his creatinine June 2012 is 2.7 and he is not on dialysis till date leading normal life. 

Whole body psoriasis

Mr. S.M.Tiwari had extensive psoriasis all over his body. Full back, legs, hands, stomach since many years. Extensive powdery discharge, itching and alternated with asthma.
He has taken treatment for over 4 yrs. The skin is completely normal now no powdery discharge, no asthmatic episodes.

This is what S.M.Tiwari had to say:-
"I was suffering from last 15 years. First I started with allopathic medicine but it was fruitless- afterwards started taking medicine from Dr. Medha then it has started improving.Now it fully under control.I am happy because my chest congestion problem for which I was taking allopathy treatment also went away.My skin problem was very extensive covering large areas of my body.It was a long treatment but worth it."