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Chronic problems of hair like dandruff can be effectively treated by Homeopathy. The overall health of hair can be improved -its luster, bounce etc.

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How to tackle dry skin this Winter

Winter and skin are not the best of friends. As the temperature drops, it becomes a real challenge to keep the skin moisturized and skin ends up getting cracked. Read on get some tips to tackle skin problems this winter like a pro!

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Suffering from Winter Rash? Try Homeopathic treatment!

Winter is here. Many people struggle with dry, cracked, and irritated skin due to the cold weather that the winter months bring. These skin problems are an annual occurrence for some folks. Learn how to treat and prevent winter rashes using Homeopathy.

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How to control psoriasis in the winter?

People globally silently suffer from Psoriasis which sadly becomes worse in the winters. Read on to know the best remedies that will help you to control and cure psoriasis during the winters and otherwise.

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