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For Your Parents And Seniors

Dr. Medha Durge 2017-09-08 12:56:25

Otherwise practicing medicine is boring-same complaints, same solutions for years on end.A hilarious moment I can recollect-this old man came to see me and said "dont give me medicine for my bedwetting -i have been taking a medicine for it for years and it still works"."So you did not get treated at all -after so many years"I said.The penny dropped and the person realised that though he had been taking this medicine for years it did not solve his problem.

This is what happens-the person found a way to get rid of his problem in a way which was easy and convenient.Did he have a choice ? Are adult diapers the solution ? No. They are not solving the core problem just providing facility to deal with it.

There are many such problems due to old age incontinence of urine, easy fractures and delayed healing of bones, joint pains and bodyache, sleeplessness, memory loss. In people suffering from multiple problems like diabetes, hypertention, post-by pass surgery, failing kidneys there are issues of unfit for surgery. There are also many small awkward complaints-like this 77yrs old who had hiccups, or 80yrs old women with knee pain and did not want surgery. For most of them the regular allopathic medicines are not working, causing too much of acidity, side-effects. Hence they are searching for solutions that are safe and effective.

The conventional doctors are in a fix.There is really nothing that they can do for that knee-pain except give pain-killers.Again pain-killers are treating the pain on a temporary and superficial basis. Nothing much can be done to damaged knee-cartilage but surgery to fix it.So they dont know what to say to their old patients if they refuse surgery.

I do understand the view of the old people.Every surgeon says "oh its easy, small stuff, no problem " -while reality is different. When laser surgery came first there were these people who believed in it and found a wonderful solution to their eye-problem.However few people did get dryness of eyes for which there was no solution.So what did the patient get and did he benefit? You decide.
So senior citizens are hesitant , critical and fearful of medicines, docs, procedures, tests etc.

Senior citizens are also dealing with whole social scenario, loneliness, isolation, boredom. They are coming to terms with life-out of central activity, dependency, fear of death. Also the failing body-its difficult and painful and nobody has the patience .....

In view of all this homeopathy is a big help.I have had MD docs practicing all their lives suddenly discovering homeopathy.We do have miracles to stop that knee pain, leaking urine, constipation, sleeplessness...And the solution are simple sweet pills or liquid medicines-perfect !

Dignity for senior citizens with homeopathy !