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Dr. Medha Durge 2017-08-10 16:34:02

In todays FaceBook world its essential to have a pretty face.Now there is hardly anything we can do about our faces except to keep it pimple free and have lovely hair! I am not the type to recommend surgey or botox -i am a natural freak.So i suggest good glorious hair is also an eye-catcher.

Homeopathy can help you in various ways to have lovely hair.Hair is very important because it represents your health in many ways.Problems with thyroid, ovaries, chronic diseases & hormonal imbalances will represent on the hair.

The first thing in hair maintainance is the elimination of dandruff. Having lots of dandruff means the skin and scalp is dry-more the dandruff more the dryness.Dont even think of anti-dandruff shampoos. Why ? Because shampoos will further dry the hair and they all have bounce-back phenomena.When you stop using them lots of dandruff will be back.Besides, all shampoos(yes even the so called natural ones) are chemicals- again leading to dryness and harm to the skin.

On the path to addressing dandruff is stop all shampoos-at least bring down its usage to once a wk only.Secondly, start scalp massage at home(or parlour) with warm oil(even just oil will do). Any oil will do.Rub it gently on your scalp.Leave it for hours.Do it 2times a week and wash hair regularly also two times a wk.Massaging the scalp improves the blood supply to the scalp and hence strengthens the hair roots and nurishes them.If you dont like oil at all -just massage scalp.Will help.

Wash your hair with natural reetha or shikakai which now-a-days is available even at chemist stores under some brand name. These are natural and dont irritate the scalp.During really important day use shampoo. Remember even homeopathic shampoos are chemicals-but milder.

A good homeopathic hair oil is Arnica hairoil available in various brands. All are good and arnicaworks beautifully for the hair. In my 23 yrs practice I have never met any patient who did not say that his/her hairfall did not decrease with Arnica hairoil.

The extra-something for the hair will be natural conditioners like eggs,curd are good.Just break eggs and apply and leave it for 20mts or so and wash hair.Same for the curd.
For the texture apply apple cidar vinegar to hair and leave it on for some time. Wash.

Some important NO-NO for hair
--dont use too hot water for the hair wash.It makes them dry
--dont comb immediately after wash-they break easily
--use large tooth comb first and then fine comb
--avoid colours and dyes-latest research shows they produce cancers.

Do get a complete check-up to find that your overall health is ok and that hairfall is not because of some illness.Eat good amount of proteins especially vegetarians should eat plenty of dals/pulses.Non veg can eat eggs, chicken,meat.

Drink plenty of water and sleep well. Welcome to luscious beautiful hair like Dimple Kapadias !