Suffering from Winter Rash?Try Homeopathic treatment!

Suffering from Winter Rash? Try Homeopathic treatment!

Dr. Medha Durge 13-12-2017 12:28 PM

With all the romantic monsoons that come along the winter, there's also winter rashes that occurs which just doesn't seem like it's going to end. A lot of people, both men and women, experience the problem of skin dryness and itching. Cosmetic products that promise to cure these rashes will only give temporary results lasting for a day or two! If you're looking for best treatments to get rid of winter rashes, you must try the homeopathic treatment as the homeopathic methods are not suppressive in nature but are curative. The biggest be edit that comes along with homeopathic treatments is that they do not carry any side effects. Here are some of the top rated homeopathic treatment for skin rashes. Read on!

1) Suphur

A lot of skin rashes are accompanied by the itching and burning sensation of the skin. Many patients complain feeling extreme burning sensation in the evenings and in the nights. If you're experiencing such symptoms, sulphur is the best cure for you as suggested in homeopathy. Sulphur fights the cause of such burning sensation and cures the problem from its roots.

2) Arsenic album

Arsenic album is used to cure a type of skin rashes that includes occurrence of excessive scales on the skin. Patients often notice dry patchy rashes with white flakes. On running the skin, there are white scales formed. It instils pain when it's being scratched and generally when the rashes appear to form large scales on the skin. This type of skin rashes is specifically cured by using the Arsenic album method of homeopathic treatment.

3) Petroleum jelly

Skin rashes that also include deep cuts on the skin are best treated by using the petroleum jelly like Vaseline. In some cases, it also leads to bleeding where the cuts are really very deep in nature. Such symptoms can't be cured by using cosmetic products as those products aren't targetted at inner wounds. Homeopathy has its own way of treating such deep cuts with the usage of petroleum jelly and it works the best!

4) Graphites and natrum Mur

Some serious types of skin itching involve release of white serum which is both sticky and glutinous. These skin infections are often accompanied by skin rashes along with patchy white flakes. These are best treated with the usage of Graphites and Natrum Mur coupled with other homeopathic treatments.

The above mentioned remedies are only the top most ones and this list isn't exhaustive. There are lot more homeopathic remedies for different types of winter rashes that are definitely worth trying before you think of using other systems of medicines or other chemical cosmetics!

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