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Simple Ways To Manage Blood Pressure

Dr. Medha Durge 2017-09-08 13:11:11

So you were diagnosed of blood pressure.Nothing new today with 970 million people having high blood pressure world-wide and the single cause for premature death.

In panic dont rush for the anti-hypertensive medications or pills. Why ? Because a single noting of raised pressure does not indicate anything at all. Maybe you were tensed because you heard some-one is not well or is diagnosed of cancer or you lost a parent.Take your pressure again with a gap of few days and follow it up with several more.If consistantly you have a raised pressure we need to do something about it.Keep in mind if you have a family history of blood pressure you need to be more alert as you will not have any symtoms because of pressure.People who have no family history will get headaches, weakness , sluggishness and hence will know their BP has increased.

In the mean time do these simple things and see if your BP is responding to it.Doing these consistantly for 3months generally produce good beneficial results.
1) CUT YOUR SALT: Though there are many controversial results about salt, each different and against the earlier its still a good bet.Remember salt means more than your table salt it also means-kettchups, sauces, gravies, chips, popcorns, chutneys, pickles, masalas, dips, preservatives.All these together makes for lot of salt.Cutting just pickles can reduce so much of salt.

2)EATING OUT-Reduce it as much as possible -it adds to the salt , oil, fatty foods.

3)DONT TAKE THE CAR- Take a regular walk daily at least for 20-30 minutes. Only 25 mts of good walk (no talking, gossiping with friends) even 4 times a week gives amazing results.Go to the movies or mall without the car. If its too far take local transport because with it you will end up walking more.Adjust your day to include a walk.Latest research says walking is good for your heart.

4)TALK TO YOURSELF-Introspection helps reduces stress. Talk to yourself-what makes you happy, what do you like to do? Are you doing it ? Why not ? Most of the time there is really no reason and we are caught up in the routine.Dont give others power over you-if someones words can trouble you the whole day he has power over you. Work on yourself, your emotions , nature.

5)EAT FRUITS & VEGETABLES-Plenty of it, its good for health.

Many times its a stress period when we get diagnosed of blood pressure.If the stress is serious and bad-property problems, debts, sudden deaths do take anti-hypertensives (or homeopathy) for a short period of time.As soon as things are better try to get your BP down and then taper off anti-hypertensives.They should never be abruptly stopped-body has got used to it and it will re-act. Take homeopathy for 3months or so and then taper the anti-hypertensives.

Prolonged intake of anti-hypertensives have side-effects and stops the natural healing system of the body.Then you have to always take the anti-hypertensives.Later on you have to be medicated for their side-effects and hence there is long list of medications.

The most important thing about BP is to keep a note of its progress in the body.There has to be a regular check on eyes(retina), kidney, heart to see if their functions are normal.


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